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Ranaldo Johns (born April 3, 1967 in Brooklyn New York)

better known by his stage name DJ TNT is an American record producer, DJ, promoter.

In 1970 i moved into the south Bronx New York and started to dj in 1983 after moving to the north Bronx and seeing a movie called wild style.

Growing up in the north Bronx New York i gained attention in the hip-hop world through my friendship with rappers Woody Rock, Heavy D and the Boys from Uptown MCA Records in 1986.

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At the age of 19 i was Woody Rock's dj from 1986 - 1990 during and after this time i met others in the music business like DJ Chuck Chill out and MC Kool Chip, T Ski Valley, DJ Brucie B, King Sun, Swizz Beats, D.M.X, DJ Break Out from the Funky Four, LiL Rodney Cee From The Funky Four and The Movie Wild Style, Hell Rell from The Dip Set, GrandMaster Caz From the Cold Crush Brothers, Mr Excitement Host of Street Funk TV, Ashlee Ray Host of Video City TV, Glama and Steff Red Founders of The K9 Entertainment Music Store & DogHouse Radio, Film Director Marc Jefferies and actor son Marc Jefferies jr From The Movie Notorious, Andre "Bubbles" Royo from The Wire and Empire season 2, Coach Steven Lynn Founder of The Dare to Dream TV Show, Doug Ingber Founder of Video City TV, MS Willie Ella Paschal Bowman community leader and civil rights defender.

Hip hop music started to change from fun music to murder music after the murders of 2 Pac, Biggie and jam master jay i hung up my headphones for good and then a rapper called Proper came to me with his music and told me he needs help promoting and getting his positive music heard because he's trying to bring hip hop back the way it used to be.

I jumped aboard and changed my stage name from DJ TNT to djtruelife7 and started TRUELIFEMUSIC TV in 2007


TRUELIFEMUSIC TV mission is to bring real hip hop back by promoting good positive music around the world.

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Experience:SEO, CSS, HTML, EMAIL, Cell Phone Marketing, Smart TV Marketing, Direct to Consumer Sales

Iam currently marketing the Jimmy Wax EP Know About Me

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